Some Siddha Home Remedies for Stomach Problems

A choornam (herbal powder) for common stomach problems is given below.

Pepper, cumin seeds, thippili (Piper longum), induppu (rock salt) 25 gm each are powdered. 10 gm of dried powdered curry leaves and 10 gm of perungayam (asafetida) powder are added to this mix. All are mixed together and stored in a bottle. A tablespoon of this powder is added to the first portion of your lunch. This helps in gas and indigestion.

Another choornam (herbal powder) is as follows.

Perungayam (asafetida), chukku (dried ginger), turmeric, thyme, vasambu (sweet flag), 20 gm each are taken and fried using a new earthen pot or pan. The fried ingredients are then powdered and sieved using muslin. A pinch (1 to 1.5 gm) of this powder is mixed in honey and taken internally for stomachache, indigestion, gas etc. This can be given to kids and old alike.

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