A Simple Way to Cure Indigestion

Eat only when you feel hungry. In other words eat only when you have a good appetite. Do not eat when you don't feel so. Do not eat in a haste.

Enjoy the food you eat and be conscious of the act of eating. It relaxes you at once. At the same time it helps the stomach to generate the necessary juices to digest the food.

If you eat using your hands, always clean them before eating. It is said that when you use your hands to eat, the body gets the feel of the food and it in turn helps secrete the fluids in the stomach to aid digestion.

Now for the nitty gritties. Mix powder of pulses, or pepper and cumin powder, or aingaya powder and sesame oil to the first portion of your food (assuming you eat rice). This serving gets digested very quickly. It won't burden the stomach as well. After this a serving of hot rice mixed with rasam will supplement the treatment.

Kernels of fully grown mango seeds are collected and allowed to dry. Add a few curry leaves and a few pepper corns to the kernels (1-2 seeds) and grind them to a fine paste using water. This paste is mixed in buttermilk. Add a pinch of salt to taste. This is then added to rice and taken. Tender mango leaves can be used in place of mango kernels. This brings about good appetite and helps sensitize the taste buds. You will regain the taste and you will start enjoying the food.

Take vilvadhi lehyam 5 gm morning and evening on empty stomach. Also 30 ml of jeerakarishtam after food both morning and evening help in improving digestion.

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