Ayurveda for Dark Circles around Eyes

Reading books for a long time in a dimly lit place, straining the eyes to read books, reading without spectacles when necessary, sleeping in a seated position frequently, bathing using very hot water, watching telly in a dark room, lying down and watching television, not exercising the eyes, daytime sleep, frequent eating of foods that are too salty or sour, using of cosmetics which may be allergic, not wearing necessary eye protection equipments when working near hot places like furnaces, hot stoves etc….so on goes the reasons for dark circles around the eyes.

The first step to cure the dark circles is to avoid such situations.

Ayurveda suggests that cow’s milk, goat’s milk, yoghurt, butter, fenugreek are added to the diet. These strengthen the eyes and the muscles around them. Fish oil also serves the purpose.

The diet should also consist the following.

A paste (thuvayal) made of coriander leaves and mint leaves induces appetite. This paste can be mixed with rice and taken as the first course. This should be followed by rice with buttermilk and curry leaf paste as the second course. Similarly greens like drumstick leaves, agathi leaves, mulai keerai, arai keerai, tender neem leaves, fenugreek leaves etc which contain vitamin A in plenty should be part of the diet.

A good night’s sleep will go a long way in restoring the lost sheen. 6 – 8 hours of sleep is recommended. (One simple remedy for insomnia, grind poppy seeds to a paste and add a marble sized paste to a glass of warm milk. Take this before going to bed for good sleep, but do not make it a habit.)

Cover your eyes with your palm for 10 minutes after a strenuous day’s work. This would relax your eyes and lessen the strain. Gently massage around the eyes with your fingertips after this.

Collect the thin layer that forms on top of milk when heated. This is applied to the face before going to bed. On getting up the next day morning, clean the face by splashing hot and cold water alternatively. Make a paste by rubbing turmeric against stone. Add a few drops of linseed oil to the paste and apply the mixture to the dark circles around the eyes. After half an hour wash it away using greengram powder. This helps to clear black rings and provide a bright countenance.

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