Ways to Cure Stammering and Stuttering in Ayurveda

Given below are some ayurvedic home remedies for stuttering and stammering.

All activities of the human body is controlled by the brain. The brain processes all the information it receives through the senses and makes it more meaningful. All of the physical activities are controlled by the brain and specific areas of the brain control specific organs and the corresponding activities. Most of the activities of the brain are beyond the conscious control of the individual.

When a part of the brain is damaged due to various reasons, the specific body part and the corresponding activities come to a standstill. That part of the brain which controls speech may get damaged and this can result in stuttering and stammering. This is the physiological reason.

Just as our bodies can be kept fit by exercises, stuttering can also be cured by specific set of exercises.

Ayurveda states that the brain is under the control of ‘Prana’. Therefore to cure stuttering we have to improve the functioning of ‘prana’.

Vallarai is a herb that is found in shades in villages. A few coriander seeds and palm candy are placed inside 3 or 4 vallarai leaves and chewed. Also vallarai leaves can be dried in shade and powdered. This powder taken regularly helps reduce stammering. Paste made by grinding the leaves can also be taken with milk. It is surprising to note that the shape of vallarai leaf resembles the human brain.

Cow’s ghee is also recommended by Ayurveda to cure stammering. According to Ayurveda texts cow's ghee acts positively in the sphere of memory, speech, knowledge, wisdom etc. To sense things, store them in memory, express things coherently from memory etc all belong to this domain. Hence cow’s ghee is used in preparation of medicines that help improve memory, cure stammering, stuttering etc.

‘Saaraswatha choornam’ half a teaspoon and ‘brahmi kirutham’ one and half teaspoon are mixed in honey. This mixture is then placed inside rice balls and taken internally and masticated well. For this purpose it is recommended that you have rice along with hot sambar and rasam as breakfast. After breakfast, saraswatharishtam 30 ml should be taken.

Apply warm brahmi oil on top of head and allow it to soak for about 30 – 45 minutes. Afterwards bathe using warm water. This process helps improve memory as well clear stuttering and stammering.

The above mentioned ayurvedic remedies complement very well with the conventional treatments like fluency shaping, hypnosis, stuttering modification etc.

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