Ayurveda for Potbelly

Eating more than what is necessary, eating tough to digest foods, consumption of excessive sweets, oily stuff etc, lack of exercise, lack of sexual activity, daytime sleep and genetic make up are the major contributors to potbellies. One or more of these can be the cause of your potbelly.

While people of third world countries suffer from malnutrition, it is the other way round for those of the affluent nations. Easy availability and mindless consumption of nutritious products result in over-nutrition. Lack of exercise is another reason. The present work culture adds to the problem where physical movement at the workplace is vastly reduced due to the advent of computers, mobile phones etc.

Fat is an adipose tissue which stores energy. It is an important fuel for the body. It is needed to maintain the body heat. Fat that enters the human body through food is digested at different levels and undergoes many changes. Problems in the enzymes that digest fat as well as problems in the glands that secrete these enzymes allow the fat to get stagnated in the body.

Potbelly cannot be called a disease, but can be considered as a precursor to diseases. Difficulty to breathe on slight exertion, lethargy and laziness are some of the symptoms. Once the size of belly increases one is at the risk of diabetes, heart disease and blood pressure. A series of complications ensue.

We become addicted to taste of the junk food and eat beyond what is necessary. Reducing the quantity of food does not necessarily bring down the body weight. Whatever the body can accept gets assimilated and the rest either gets eliminated or gets stored in the body as fat.

Moderation in consumption and timely intake of food helps in digestion and assimilation of nutrition and helps in overall well being.

Heat sour buttermilk and add horsegram powder to it. Massage this mix onto the potbelly in an upward direction from bottom to top and also sideways. Allow this to stay for 15 minutes and then bathe with warm water. Horsegram helps to reduce potbelly.

Also varadhi kashayam 15 ml is added to 60 ml of water. One tablespoon of honey is added to this. This mix should be taken internally morning and evening on empty stomach. This too aids in reducing potbelly.

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