Ayurvedic Tips for Constipation Part I

One reason for constipation is frequent intake of foods that do not have the necessary viscosity or laxity. Intake of such foods regularly for a few days leads to absence of viscosity in intestines, resulting in hardening of stools which ultimately ends up as constipation.

Suppressing the urge to defecate also leads to constipation in the long run. Similarly exerting oneself to defecte when there is no urge is also harmful.

Absence of exercise results in inaction of rib muscles and this can also lead to constipation.

The posture adopted to defecate can also result in improper defecation. Our forefathers adopted a squatting posture which helped to dilate the anus naturally and it resulted in better and fuller evacuation of the bowels. When using a western closet this does not happen as you have to sit on it like on a chair.

These are some of the reasons for constipation. From this it is quite obvious that changing your diet and adopting an active lifestyle which includes daily exercise can cure constipation to a large extent.

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