A Simple Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair Care

One formula for hair growth used from time immemorial is given below. It has both external and internal components.

The four main ingredients needed to prepare this concoction are

1. Juice of henna leaves 200 ml
2. Juice of karisalankanni leaves (false daisy or swamp daisy) 200 ml
3. Juice of adukku chembaruthi (hibiscus flower and buds) 200 ml
4. Juice of kariveppilai (curry leaves) 200 ml.

Add all the juices to 800 ml of coconut oil and heat the combination.

Anjana kal is a sort of black stone available in local herbal stores in South India. 40 gm of this is ground to a fine powder and sieved using a fine piece of cloth. Also 40 gm of ashes of coconut shell is sieved and stored.

The oil is heated to the required level (one way to test this is to see whether a grain of paddy when dropped into the oil turns to a puffed one).

Place the anjana kall powder and coconut shell powder in a wide mouthed steel vessel. Cover the mouth with a cotton cloth to filter. Pour the hot oil into the vessel and let it cool. Store it in a cool dry place.

Regular application of this oil helps in hair growth. It can be used by people of all ages.

To further strengthen hair growth, ‘lohasavam’ 15 ml can be taken twice a day (morning and before bed).

‘Narasimha Rasayanam’ 1 teaspoon twice a day also helps.

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