Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home Remedies for Women - 6

Menstrual problems occur due to various reasons. One of the main reasons for menstrual disorders is stress, both stress in the household as well as workplace. Anemia, tuberculosis, tapeworms, venereal diseases etc also can lead to menstrual disorders. Before starting any treatment regimen, the root cause behind the menstrual disorder should be identified. This can help in effective treatment of the condition.

Women experience pain in lower abdomen, lower back, and hip regions during menstruation. In addition, some women suffer from headache, stomach ache, pain in hands and legs, back pain and neck pain. Women who undergo pain should increase the quantity of onions, milk, honey, buttermilk, dates in their diet. They should remain active. Inhaling fresh air will help bring down pain.

Women who experience pain in ribs and back, pressure on stomach etc can take raisins and grapes during their periods. A handful of chembaruthi (hibiscus) flower and arugmapul (Bermuda grass) is taken and ground to a fine paste. This is taken with butter. Another alternative is to take 10 hibiscus flowers and ground to fine paste and added to a glass of milk. Taking this on empty stomach during periods is found to be helpful in alleviating pains in the extremities.

Hibiscus flower, rose flower, aavaram poo (Tanner’s Cassia) are taken in equal quantity and boiled in water and reduced to half. This decoction is taken, a spoonful three to four times a day with milk. Dietary restrictions include foods containing, salt and chilli.

Barks of banyan tree, athi (common fig) tree, and naaval (Java plum) tree are dried and ground to a fine powder. The powder is mixed with mondhan plantain (kadhali vazhai) for a night. The resultant liquid is filtered out the next day morning. This is also called as kadhali aasavam. Taking this liquid helps in controlling excessive menstruation.

Maasikkai (Aleppo Oak) is fried to brownish color and ground to a fine powder. A pinch of this powder is taken with honey. This is found to help with excessive menstrual discharge.

Fully dried white arugampul (Bermuda grass) and pepper are powdered and taken with goat milk. This should be done before food in the mornings. This is said to arrest excessive flow. Kernel from the seed of fully ripe mango is a very good remedy. This is dried in shade and ground to a fine powder. This powder is taken with honey.

Women who turn anemic due to this condition can regain their health by taking juice of fresh Bermuda grass (arugampul) before food in the mornings.

One of my earlier posts mentions the importance of adding Black gram and sesame to the diet to deal with most of the menstrual disorders. Dishes made of black gram and sesame can be taken both as a delicacy as well as medicine. Regular and judicious intake of these grains will help in overcoming most of these painful conditions.

Decoction of Asoka tree bark is yet another remedy. Asokarishtam is a boon for all menstrual disorders.

Meditation, prayer, etc will help in dealing with the stresses of day to day life. A genuine spiritual approach to life offers strength and solace to the much stressed women of this century.

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