Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home Remedies for Women - Summary

Most of the gender specific diseases that affect women revolve around menstruation, childbirth and post menopausal complications. Some problems that women face include irregular menstruation, white discharge, vaginal itch, delayed puberty, excessive discharge etc.

Due to the oppressive nature of the male dominated society, almost all women are faced with self-esteem issues. Those who feel bad being born as women are prone to various illnesses and psycho-somatic disorders. Conversely, women with good self-esteem can lead a healthy life. A lucky few are born in a nurturing environment while the rest have to deal with various issues before restoring their self-esteem.

Some problems with menstruation include painful menstruation, scanty or excessive menstruation, and irregular menstruation. Juice of drumstick leaves is helpful in treating painful menstruation. One cure for excessive menstrual bleed is arugampul (Bermuda grass) juice. Powder of mango seeds is another remedy. Powder of Java plum seeds is yet another remedy for this condition.

One disturbing trend observed these days is girls attaining puberty prematurely (before age 10). You need to seek immediate medical intervention if you find your near and dear ones with this condition. Left untreated, this can impair the functioning of internal organs especially the heart.

While abortion is resorted to by couples for various reasons, frequent abortions weaken the womb. This will impair the capacity of the womb to bear child. It may even lead to hysterectomy (removal of womb). One safe way to avoid pregnancy is for women to take a few tulsi leaves in the mornings.

Nausea and vomiting is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. While in most cases, this tapers off with time, in some cases it persists for quite a long time. Lemon juice with a pinch of salt is helpful in treating this condition. Ginger tea is also found to be effective in tackling this problem.

Women need to do some mild exercises during pregnancy to help with easy child delivery. They should not put on weight during this period. After childbirth, taking neem leaves with turmeric is said to heal all internal wounds and help in recuperation. Mutton curry with garlic, pepper and cumin seeds is an excellent rejuvenator. Kurunthotti paal kashayam is a vegetarian alternative for this.

Breast milk is the best food and medicine for the newborn. It would do a world of good for the child if it is fed on breast milk alone for the first four to six months. For adequate of supply of breast milk, women can add drumstick leaves, tender papaya to their diet. Fried sesame seeds also help in improving lactation. Applying a paste of cucumber seeds on the breasts is also beneficial.

Female infertility increases with age. A woman can be infertile due to genetic reasons. Incomplete or improper development of internal sex organs is another cause. Triphala choornam is said to be effective in such cases.

In general, women’s diet should contain adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. Proper rest and some basic physical exercises are necessary. Meditation and a spiritual outlook to life will help in managing the stresses of daily life. Above all, positive self-esteem is the foundation on which a healthy mind and body can be built to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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