Ayurvedic Home Remedy Chukku (Dry Ginger)

Botanical Name: Zingiber Officinalis

Taste: Hot

Properties: Creates heat, creates appetite.

Dry ginger (chukku) can cure indigestion, chest irritation, wheezing, cough, stomach bloating, earache, and various other problems.

Chukku ground and made to a fine paste and applied on forehead cures headache. When applied externally to throat it cures throat pain.

Chukku and sugar candy of equal quantity powdered and one tablespoon of the powder taken internally in tender coconut water cures chest pain.

Chukku powder mixed with sugarcane juice and taken first thing in the morning cures stomach irritation.

Drinking chukku water (prepared by boiling water with 10 – 20 gm of chukku) daily instead of ordinary driniking water is very beneficial.

Chukku ground into a fine paste and applied externally is an excellent remedy for swollen joints.

For improving digestion: Take chukku 50 gm, pepper 50 gm, chitharathai 50 gm and Ela Arisi 50 gm. All of these are ground to powder separately and then sieved and then mixed together. Half a teaspoon of this mixture is then taken internally both in the morning and evening. This improves digestion. (Note: This preparation should be taken only for 3 days.)

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