Ayurvedic Home Remedy Nelli (Gooseberry)

Botanical Name: Phyllanthus distichus

Common name: Gooseberry

After removing seeds from 20 gm of gooseberries, they are ground to a fine paste. It is then mixed in buttermilk and drunk only in the mornings for 3-4 days. This cures jaundice. During this period salt in food should be avoided.

Mix one part of gooseberry juice with 2-3 parts of sugar and a glass of water and heated till it becomes syrupy. The syrup is then stored in a cool place. This syrup (50 ml) is mixed with water and taken internally to cool down body heat. It can also be used to cure white discharge in women.

The seeds of gooseberry is powdered. A tablespoon of this powder with two tablespoon of jaggery is taken internally for diarrhea etc. This helps in hardening the stools.

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