Ayurvedic way to tackle menopause

As of July 2003, around 10 million women in the U.S. were taking some form of hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy for treatment of post-menopausal symptoms came under a cloud when a U.S. study linked it to increased risks of stroke, clotting of blood vessels and cancer.

The Food and Drug Administration cautioned post-menopausal women to weigh benefits and risks of hormone therapy before choosing treatment. The FDA also advised healthcare providers to use the lowest dose of hormones for the shortest possible duration.

There may be conflicting signals on hormone therapy for post-menopausal symptoms, but Ayurveda has a time tested approach to the problem.

Ayurveda regards menopausal symptoms as imbalances of `doshas' (`pitha', `vata' and `kapha'), which occur as a consequence of ageing.

Menopause should be a smooth experience for every woman where it should be regarded as just cessation of the menstrual flow.

Ayurveda has excellent solutions for a safe and happy menopause. There are several preparations that can be taken by women who are nearing the age of menopause and remain symptom-free.

Ayurvedic treatment involves correcting the imbalance by making use of a diet rich in phyto oestrogens and medications and internal detoxification.

These drugs are called Rasayanas (rejuvenators) that act on the whole body, especially the brain cells and uterus (garbhashaya utthejaka-uterine rejuvenators).

Asokarishtam, Balarishtam, Chandanasavam, Shankha bhasma (a natural calcium supplement), Satavari lehyam, Ashwagandha rasayanam, Brahmi ghritam(ghee), Triphala choornam can be taken according to the `prakriti' (body constitution).

A competent Ayurveda physician can help you select the appropriate remedies based on your constitution.

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