My Favourite Blogs

Let me add a bit of personal touch to my blog. A little bit about myself. I work as an editor in a transcription company in Chennai. My office is located in Egmore, right in the middle of Chennai. We have Saturday and Sunday holidays. I am married and I have a 2 year old daughter. Most of the time at home I spend playing with my daughter.

My favourite way spending time is browsing. I follow many interesting websites, and today I would share with you the websites I like most.


A self-help site which entered the coveted top 5,000 websites in just two years, is noted for its original content. Here Steve Pavlina, the author, advises the reader of the practical steps and the nitty gritty of self-improvement, and all the advice is based on his own life experiences. No pontification, no jargonising that confuses further.

His own life is a dramatic one, he making a complete turnaround from a kleptomaniac and compulsive alcoholic to a well acclaimed self-made personality. He overcame all his shortcomings with sheer willpower and inner strength. The articles in the website are a first hand account of the person who has been there, done that. Nothing rehashed. There is no dearth of original content. His blog entries are usually lengthy ones, dealing with various aspects of self-improvement in great detail. He delves deep into the psyche of human mind and offers practical and step by step solutions to the various problems it faces.

Of particular interest is the entry “How to become an early riser. Also “30 Days to Success” is a very useful article that helps you to make permanent changes in your life.

This blog has helped me immensely in my efforts to improve myself.


I had stopped blogging for quite some time due to various constraints. Another fact is I do know nothing about html, a total zero when in comes to web designing and related matters. I happened to stumble upon betshopboy which was the inspiration for me to restart blogging.

In fact, he too had stopped blogging for quite some time and again started to blog and by sheer application has reached a level where he gets a fair amount of traffic everyday within three months.

The blog deals mostly with making money online. He details many ways to monetize blogs, ways to increase traffic etc. He also shares with us his varied interests. I find his articles very interesting and informative.


This blog of Derek Beau deals extensively with making money online through niche blogs. He also advises on various aspects of internet marketing. Full of useful content. I came across this blog after reading about it in .

He teaches about building profitable niche blogs with minimal effort. In fact he shows a live example of how he creates a blog and how he promotes it.

A very useful blog for those who wish to build a profitable niche website.