Kapha and Ayurveda

The basic characteristics of kapha dosha as defined by Charaka Samhita are, it is heavy, cold, soft, sweet, viscous.The constituents of kapha are water and earth.

People with predominance in pitha are of heavy build, robust structure and oily skin. They usually have lush growth of hair. They stay calm and collected and are easygoing. They prefer warm weather. They remain loyal in their relationships. They have a pleasing disposition.

A well-balanced kapha personality exhibits all of the above characteristics. Exposure to cold, damp environments, indulging in excessive consumption of refrigerated cold foods, liquids can aggravate kapha dosha.When the balance is vitiated it leads to various complications, and when left unattended to it can lead to many diseases.

Signs of a vitiated kapha
  • Tired without physical activity
  • Waking up tired, no refreshed feeling
  • Excessive secretion of oil on skin
  • Congestion of head, chest, throat
  • Not interested in any physical activity
  • Slow and improper digestion
  • Weight gain with no excessive intake
  • Lack of motivation

A good ayurveda physician can guide you through a diet and lifestyle to normalize the vitiated kapha dosha.

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