Ayurveda Herbs and Sinus Congestion

This article is in response to Baahjan’s comments. Thank you Baahjan for your comments. Regarding your “neer” problem (sinus congestion) one famous remedy is inhalation of medicated vapour, “vedhu” in Tamil.

For this you will have to boil water in a wide mouthed steel vessel. If you prefer the more traditional way you can use an earthen vessel which people in rural South India use to make curry. A handful of nochi leaves, adathoda leaves, thumbai leaves are enough. Drop these herbs onto the boiling water and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Remove the water from fire and keep it covered.

Simultaneously burn a fresh dry brick piece (about the size of a cricket ball) to red heat for about 10 minutes over fire. Using a pair of tongs, drop this red hot brick into the hot herbal water. This helps to keep the water hot.

Now crouching over the hot herbal water, cover yourself with a thick blanket. Do not get too close to the vessel. Exercise care so as not to get burnt. Inhale deeply both through your mouth and nose. You will sweat profusely, the earthy aroma would be a heady experience.

After a few minutes of inhalation, come out of the blanket, and move into an airy space. Towel yourself using a fine dry cloth.

Throw away the water.

After 10 to 15 minutes, have some warm water and go to bed.

For best results, this should be done preferably in the night.

This should solve your sinus congestion problems.

Another remedy is to take quite a quantity of nochi leaves (to make a sort of small pillow) and heat them in a mud pot. Once the leaves are a little brown, take all the heated leaves and make it into a small pillow using a pillow cover. Sleep over it for a couple of nights.

Above all, please consult your physician before going for any of these. This is for information purpose only.

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