Ginger, Honey and Obesity

Ginger is known from time immemorial for its action on the digestive system. It activates the taste buds and restores the sense of taste. It plays a pivotal role in digesting heavy foods while maintaining the equilibrium of the doshas. It helps maintain the necessary heat which enables smooth functioning of the entire body. It aids blood circulation and removes lethargy.

Ginger tastes hot but becomes sweetish on digestion. It restores voice by clearing phlegm from the throat. It also removes phlegm in chest and helps in curing indigestion. In case of fevers due to these, honey and ginger juice is mixed and given internally.

When pitta increases beyond its normal levels in the intestines it results in giddiness and tiredness. In such cases, ginger, coriander seeds and cumin seeds are ground to a fine paste using a few drops of water and taken with honey or sugar.

Remove the outer skin of fresh ginger and dry it in sunlight for 10 minutes. Take 200 gm of such dried ginger and slice them into small pieces. This is then soaked in 200 gm of honey and stored in a bottle. Stir it regularly. Also place the honey and ginger combination in sunlight for 10 – 15 minutes twice a week. Ginger thus preserved lasts longer. This preparation is a good remedy for loss of appetite, lethargy, body heat, giddiness due to excessive pittha etc. Half a teaspoon of this sliced ginger and honey a day is the recommended quantity. Regular intake up to restoration of appetite is recommended.

Honey plays an important role in reducing beer belly or pot belly. Ginger prevents indigestion that may be caused due to honey. This combination of honey and ginger thus helps in combating obesity also.

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