Some Siddha Home Remedies for Nasal Problems

Most of the Siddha home remedies for nose are external. There may be fumes you need to inhale or oil to be applied in the affected areas.

For postnasal drip or rhinorrhea or simple runny nose, light up coconut husk (the fiber outer portion) and inhale the ensuing smoke.

Crush thyme (omam in Tamil) and inhale it. This also helps stop the nasal discharge.

For nasal bleed, instil 2-3 drops of water mixed with alum into the nose.

Soak turmeric in linseed oil. Hold this turmeric over fire preferably a lamp. Inhale the smoke that emanates from it. This also helps runny nose.

Drops for sinus. Pepper, chillies, 25 gm each, and 1/8 litre of ginger extract, adathoda leaf (adathoda vasica) extract, and thoothuvalai leaf (Solanum tribolatum) extract each along with 25 gm of garlic are taken together. Crush the solid elements and add this to 250 mg of linseed oil and heat the whole preparation. After allowing it to boil, cool and filter the oil. Store the oil in a bottle. Before going to bed, take around 15 – 20 drops in hand and inhale the oil into the nostrils. This will result in sneezing and expulsion of water and phlegm. After a good bout of sneezing, drink a glass of water and go to bed. (Obviously this should not be done immediately after supper). Do this for 2-3 nights for sinus congestion.

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