Ayurveda for Acne and Pimples

The areas surrounding the pimples have a sense of discomfort. If you have enough will power not to press the pimples and keep your hands away from expelling the contents inside them you are half way through on your battle against pimples. You can find people of the older generation advise the younger ones not to press the pimples. When you eject out the pus like substance from the pimples, the area blackens and looks scarred. If you refrain from expelling the content, the pimples will subside in time.

Contrary to popular conception, it is not the oil on the face that leads to pimples. Ayurveda recommends proper application of oil like chandnadhi thailam, kumkumaadhi lepam, etc. Similarly application of sandalwood paste on pimples and blackheads is found to be beneficial. It would be ideal to apply sandalwood paste immediately on preparation. Avoid using readymade sandalwood paste tablets for this purpose.

Do not use soap to clean your face frequently. Frequent cleaning can lead to dry skin. According to Ayurveda “heat” is considered to be the cause of pimples and acne. In my earlier articles on 'beauty tips' and ‘dark circles around the eyes’, I had mentioned about the ‘heat’. It is not the increase in body temperature. Lack of sleep, stress, frequent intake of non-vegetarian food, excessive sexual indulgence all can lead to a build up of ‘heat’. To bring down the ‘heat’ bathing after application of coconut or linseed oil on head is recommended. Also cleansing of stomach by way of taking natural purgatives once in a month is recommended (only in case of unrelenting 'heat'). Eat plenty of fiber to avoid constipation. Fruits and vegetables should be used in plenty to maintain a ‘cool’ body.

Drink a glass of water on getting up in the morning. This helps to cleanse the intestines. Use lemon instead of tamarind while preparing eatables. Drinking of tender coconut water is also beneficial. Wheat porridge at night is advised.

Before going to bed apply a thin layer of cream of milk to cover the face. On waking up clean the face with cold water. Scrape a piece of turmeric on a rough surface using a few drops of water. Take out the ensuing paste and add a drop of linseed oil to it. Apply a thin layer of the paste to cover the entire face. After 30 minutes, clean the face using green gram powder.

To complement the external treatment heat mahathiktha girutham and take 10 ml both in the morning and evening on empty stomach. This two pronged approach is found to be very effective in treating pimples, blackhead and acne.

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