About Kirutham or Girutham

'Kirutham' is a form of medicine with ghee as its base, mostly taken internally. Mahathiktha kirutham mentioned in the previous post is used extensively to reduce the acidity level of blood and maintain its alkalinity. Some components of the mahathikthaka kirutham are 'nilavembu', 'vetpalai', sandal paste, bark of neem etc. This mahathiktha kirutham is available readymade at IMPCOPS stores. Their website calls it 'mahathikthaka ghritham'.

Thank you Jennifer for that question.

I am spending more of my time learning the ropes of camtasia software, equipping myself to do some videos on certain simple ayurveda herbs and remedies. I am planning to start with neem, 'a tree for solving global problems' according to National Research Council (USA). The first video will be uploaded next week. So please stay subscribed.

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